Saturday, February 21, 2015

Creating with clay is fun and one of life's entertainments

This is my very first attempt ever to make anything with clay. I was given ten pounds of clay for Christmas to make functional things with , or that was my plan to see if I could make a wall plaque with relief and make a scene in clay sort of. But making anything was very difficult at first. I watched videos on youtube to learn some basics and then decided to see if I could make a clay doll in a little clay bed for my 2 year old granddaughter. I used "tools" I already had to make this very primitive "doll". It was only after it was almost dry that I realized I should not have put the doll in the basket until it was dry, because now it is stuck there! 

Here is a closer photo and you can see what an UGLY doll it is! I could not make a tiny dollface of clay regardless of how many times I tried. Sadly, but believe me that day I felt like I had wrestled a bear to accomplish even that much. So, I thought about tossing it, but it is not quite dry yet. I decided I would wait til it was dry, then paint it, and see if if it looks better? At any rate, it might not make much difference, because it will go in the toy box, and my granddaughter can play with it when she is here. She is sister to my grandson Elijah who is four.  I did learn much in that first attempt to make a toy and the next thing I make will be better. I am hoping somehow my 2 yr old granddaughter will not be unhappy with it!

Years ago, I made ceramic doll heads but it was as part of a class. I didn't have to make them at home, and I didn't have to fire them. All I had to do then was paint them when dry. So, in a way this is a return to doing something I did as a young girl. i.e playing in the dirt making sandcastles etc; and painting ceramic dolls. But obviously it needs perfecting much. It is something to do for fun however, and I think most people would like it.
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