Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Costume Parties of Notting Hill are huge entertainment

Notting Hill of UK Carnival sketch by Gloria Poole of Missouri, 26-August-2014 acrylics, watercolors, 8 x11

I saw a photo in the BBC news yesterday of a reveler at the Notting Hill Carnival and I thought the headdress was fantastic. I did not exactly draw it but a similar version of it. And added in a simple top since the photo didn't show the actual costume [which was probably very burlesque-like ] . Carnivals are held around the world and some of them are drunken orgies [which I oppose].  But the costumes and the parades and music are so spectacular that is is hard not to be fascinated by all of it.  I did not attempt to exactly draw and paint the private individual that was in that photo.  But I created an entirely different person with pencils and paint and then signed it, photographed it, uploaded it. 

Sketches are merely quick ways of putting on paper, or board, or digital whatever, an idea that you might want to follow up on later by painstakingly re-creating it again in a more permanent medium. And of course, to improve skills. 

I know there are a variety of costumes party everywhere. There are halloween parties where everyone wears costumes. And Christmas parties where people dress up as St Nicholas [Santa Claus in U S] and elves, and reindeer. And there are ballets where the dancers wear beautiful costumes. And of course, theatre , drama, plays where the actors and actresses, singers, dancers all wear costumes.  And in Rio there is the huge annual Carnivale. Costuming is a huge part of any society, whether in exaggerated fun, or for paid jobs.

Of course, costumes are not only for entertainment. Many service positions wear costumes of some sort. The Police, nurses, wait staff , pilots, chefs, Military, captains of ships, even Wall St [the Brooks Brothers suit look] traders all wear costumes of some sort. 

I liked the costume and thought others would too, but this sketch doesn't do justice to it. 

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