Sunday, July 13, 2014

Making music is one of life's entertainments sketch by Gloria Poole of Missouri

Making music is one of life's entertainments sketch by Gloria Poole of Missouri, 13 July 2014, watercolor on 9 x 12 paper.  That is my left hand holding the left corner to try to prevent edge from curling.  Obviously this sketch shows a time of the Christmas season, but making music is a year round event for some people.  I studied singing and sang with the high school chorus while the band accompanied us, and that was one of the most fun times of my life. I still love to sing, but I have cried so much for so many years [secondary to events in Colorado that caused permanent injuries to me; and events in Missouri when someone tried to run over me with vehicle that caused more injuries to me] that my voice is damaged so I can't sing much now.  But I love music if it's real music and not just too loud music with screaming and hysteria! Also, this is only the preliminary sketch.  I may repaint it in acrylics to make it bolder brighter. Also, I photographed this on my portable drawing board and that is a lamp shade you see behind it to the right.  

Also, obviously music festivals happen mostly in the warm weather months.  But music and celebrations of any sort go hand in hand.  Of course, you know the #WorldCup is happening now, and I am thinking how to illustrate that but want to see who wins it first.  I think #Germany will win.  It's an event I would like to have attended today for the final match.  So maybe I will post my sketch or painting of World Cup when I get it more firm in my mind what part of that huge event I want to paint, and get it accomplished. 

Also, here is some information of Green Mountain  festival that is happening today in Vermont:

Also, remember for entrepreneurs and maybe artists also, being entertained is a different experience.  I thought about that as I read this article.  I studied entrepreneuship at the #universityofgeorgia as part of course work for a business degree so I understand much about it.  I think entrepreneurs don't tend to seek day long events that are mainly for pleasure. The drive to create compels them as it does artists, and simply being entertained can sometimes seem boring . Quote: "The essence of entrepreneurship is the deep desire and need to take any problem, any hurdle or obstacle and turn it into an opportunity…an opportunity to fix, to build, to grow, and to create worth."From :
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