Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Zoos are one of Life's entertainments sketch by Gloria Poole

I, Gloria Poole, drew this from a photo that was tweeted to me the other day. You see my handwritten notes on it, to prompt me how to paint it later.  I was looking at computer screen and drew the basic drawing in ink, then painted it the next day. This is acrylic on 8 x 11 inkjet paper because that was the paper I had in my desk when the tweet with photo appeared. I thought it was a great image because I have never seen a camel that close up.  Of course, I signed this and photographed it and uploaded it for this blog with theme of events and things and people that give pleasure to life. I think zoos are wonderful. One of the most wonderful zoos is in Omaha, Nebraska ! I love that zoo. Also, I improvised /painted a logo of sorts and it's barely adequate but I like it better than what was there. So cope with it for time being. I might design a better one when I get around to it. 

There are zoos all around the world of course. And there are what is called "petting zoos" where you can have a close encounter with an animal and touch it, pet it, even feed it in some cases.  

This is just a fun blog, no ulterior motive or serious theme. Just a blog to add content too of things that make me smile hoping they make viewers/ readers also smile. 

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